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Children's Counseling Services

Therapy Approaches



Sandplay therapy is a form of psychotherapy and personal development that can be used with children and adults. During the sandplay session clients use their hands and miniatures to create a scene in the tray. It is a very powerful process that brings about inner harmony. 

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Experiential Play Therapy


Children are often not able to use verbal skills to express their emotions. Through the use of experiential play therapy in the counseling session, I am able to meet the child where he or she is at emotionally and developmentally. They express their problems through play that they control in the therapy session. 

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Yoga and Mindfulness


Yoga and mindfulness are great ways for children to develop their focusing skills, regulate emotions, build positive self-image and restore their bodies and mind to a calm state. Mindfulness is the practice of being aware of the breath and body in the present moment.


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